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Quest | Rebirth | Monster | Voyage | Rags to Riches | Tragedy & Comedy

Your Story – Your Way – Your Win.

“What ever you want to do in life, never compromise.” Mark Gatiss

We are all stories: the stories of our work, our relationships, our experience and beliefs.

“For why?” I hear you cry, “for why?”

Success & Happiness of course.

The Quest

For C-Level Strategic Planning and development of strategic narratives.

Our flagship product, and supported by the excellent work of Dan Collingridge-Padbury at Strategic Advantage.

This is gamification of strategic planning. We use narrative analysis, integrated profiling and gameplay devices to align your work with the correct path to get you out of the woods and on the road to success.

All of our work is stress tested by Strategic Advantage before going live.

Quality and Efficacy are guaranteed.

Overcoming the Monster

For Application in Schools, Colleges and Universities.

We are all products of our Environments. Improving the place in which your work, improves the work that your produce.

Environment matters uses principles of Environmental Analysis from the profession of Occupational Therapy, as well as narrative and creative tools.

We promote:

  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Good Mental Health
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Building
  • Creative Development
  • Engagement
  • Safety


For Personal & Professional Development, Communication and Information Management

David Nixon has been a key player in the development of the Kawa Model since 2007.

His work on the ‘Poetics’ of the model was presented at the WFOT World Congress in Yokohama and at the Kawa Model Inaugural Symposium at Tokyo University in 2014.

This gentle and powerful framework of personal and professional development is a gift from the professional Occupational Therapy to the world.

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Voyage & Return

Partnership opportunities for businesses with social aims.

The Long Game

In the Kawa Model, driftwood represents the attributes carried on life’s river. The Driftwood project is all finding opportunities in new places.

Its three aims are:

  • Sustainability
  • Occupational Justice through social aims
  • Profitability

Rags to riches

A professional & evidence based approach

My chosen profession of Occupational Therapy provides me with a vast range of skills, methodologies and a network of brilliant professionals.

If you want to check my credentials, simply download the pdf.

tragedy & comedy

Comedy & Tragedy

Personally invested in your success & happiness

This is my story.

How I got here and what I do are all part of the same tale.

Here you will find poems, plays, videos and reflections as well as the recording of Bunt Force Trauma, the story of recovery from brain injury that kicked this whole thing off.

I still perform and write, so if you have a more creative project in mind, simply give me a call.

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